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Friday, November 18, 2011

A few VIDEO's...

of what our little one has been up to.

Sit back, relax, there are a lot of them! Hey, you guys are always wanting to see videos, so here they are.

Do you miss me?

It's been awhile....a LONG while since I last updated you all on how baby is doing. Can you believe Addison is already 8 months?? (don't fret, her 8 month belly sticker pictures are coming!)

It's been crazy few weeks for us Hoadley's. Daddy has been traveling for work (Boston and Canada), we traveled back to VA for Lauren's wedding (pictures to come), school started back up (dreaded Accounting and Finance), and works been BUSY!

So, I promise to get back to blogging next week. I have A LOT of pictures of videos of A-bug. In the meantime, here are some to tide you over!


You can never get tired of that HUGE smile!

Don't stick your tongue out at me

Happy Halloween

Little Ladybug

I can not hold my bottle by myself.
Step one to independence, ugh!

Yes, mommy let me play with my food!

Failed attempt to get our two
bumblebees together for Halloween

she found Layla's dog bowl

Beautiful, mesmerizing eyes.

I can now pull myself up, on EVERYTHING!
(oh, and this is my Elvis smirk)