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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Our poor first baby, Layla had a severe allergic reaction to her vaccines this weekend. CJ took her to get her 4 year shots (yikes, she is already 4 years old!!) and brought her home. Within minutes her eyes got really red and puffy. Within 10 minutes her eyes were completely swollen shut and her face was so puffy, she wasn't the same dog.

We quickly called the vet and he told us to bring her back in ASAP and they would administer a shot. They did and about 6-8 hours later, she was beginning to look like our normal Lay-bug. Scary to say the least. She woke up Sunday morning, back to her normal, none allergic self--thankfully!

our "normal" Layla

during the allergic reaction.
At it's worst!

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