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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Addiebug's Ladybug 1st Birthday Party!


On Saturday, March 10th, we celebrated Addie's 1st birthday with a wonderful party held at Jason and Michelle Davis' house. Jason and Michelle have become very good friends of CJ and I and were gracious enough to not only host the party but also cater it. The food was fabulous. The friends and family that attended were wonderful. Addie had a blast. A party to go down in the books. That's for sure!

As you can imagine, it was a ladybug themed party full with lots of little ladybug details.

Monthly Birthday banner made by yours truly :) 

Ladybug Balloons 

Ladybug banner


Fabulous Ladybug hat made by my friend Sara!

This seriously took me weeks to make but I loved how it turned out!

Present area


Ladybug Cake made by Dominick's (they did a great job and it tasted awesome!)

Some of the food made by J. Davis Experience Catering (YUM!)

Plates and napkins

Sauces for the salmon and pork tenderloin

Everything had a ladybug tag

Ladybug chocolate covered pretzels made by my friend Sara

Shirt, tutu and head band made by Laynie Bug's Bows

Smash cake made by my friend Michelle

Ladybug High Chair decorations

Can't really see the Ladybug floor mat, but it was there!
And here are some adorable pictures of the ladybug princess in all her glory:

And what you all have been waiting for, her SMASH cake pictures. She was very apprehensive at first, much like me, she didn't want to get dirty but once she was given a little encouragement, she dived RIGHT in. Too cute for words!

so happy and patiently waiting

I love her face, she's so interested in it

Michelle didn't even get it on the tray before she dug in

so dainty 

Looking at CJ like, can I really do this?


She didn't like it on her hands at first. 

and the start of the frosting EVERYWHERE!

both hands now

she was so into it

finger licking good

she got Mr. Mike on the nose and thought it was hilarious

all smiles

Face in the cake, hilarious!

Look at me dad!


all in the hair! (this is what we try to avoid at home!)

dripping frosting, so sweet!

You taste mommy?

how about you daddy?

All done!

And bath time! 
We had a great time with wonderful friends and family. Thank you to all that came to the party. It is definitely bittersweet knowing this was such a happy time for us and Addison but also the last time we will see many of our IL friends and family. Thank you for all the love and support over the past 7 years! XOXO

(all pictures can be viewed on our Shutterfly page at Special thanks to Linda Watters for taking pictures for us!)

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