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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Evening at the Park

With the time change and beautiful weather (Hello, 60's in March in Chicago, are you kidding me?), we decided to take a long walk, about a mile in total, to Ty Warner Park. Yes, this is the park of the beanie babies, remember those? It is such a beautiful park and I love that they have a big and little park. A big park for the older kids and a little park for the babies.

This was the first time we officially took Addison to the park. She's been on the swing and slide at school but never with CJ and I. She had a great time. She loves the swing and the slide.

Certainly looking forward to the spring/summer in VA where we can go to the park.

I couldn't choose just one or a few pictures so here are ALL of them that I took. (PS. I love that I can use my "new" photography skills now, although I am still learning, hence some of the blurry pictures).

you can see pure bliss here

whoa daddy!

love the hair flying in the wind

heart melts

she was intrigued by another kid playing


time for a hair cut?

she took daddy's sunglasses right off his head

I love this picture of us

seriously too cute! She looks SO grown up here!

my two loves

I got this dad! (she was determined to walk everywhere last night!)

And then the pictures from my cell phone:

who's having more fun?

And of course, the videos:


Slide (short but sweet!)

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