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Friday, July 22, 2011

4 Month Stats

CJ took Addie to the pediatrican this past Tuesday while I was traveling in Cincinnati.

As usual, we got a GREAT report and our little girl is growing like crazy.

She is:

13 pounds, 13 ounces (in 25-50 percentile)
25 3/4 long (over 100 percentile)
41 inch head (normal, I suppose)

She got her 2nd set of shots and according to CJ screamed but was easily calmed with her paci.

We asked about getting her ears pierced and the doctor told us to wait until 6 months, so for her baptismal gift, we will get her ears pierced. We will begin rice cereal mid August and fruits and veggies in September.

She is continuing to roll over, front to back and back to front. At school she's been experimenting with the bouncy seat so we will be purchasing one at home soon. She loves her Bumbo seat and gets a lot of use out of it and enjoys seeing the world from a different view. We will begin transitioning her from swaddling at night this weekend  as we have found her on her tummy more times than we care in the morning. We hope she will sleep as good as she does without the swaddle, kinda nervous.

Hard to believe our little baby is growing so fast.

Here is a great video of Addison's "talking". Turn your speakers down as her high pitch talking is quite loud.

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