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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sophie the Giraffe

I was told by a friend that we MUST invest in the Sophie.

After doing a little research and seeing that this product got 4 stars, I decided I would pick it up the next time I go to Buy Buy Baby or Babies R Us. Well, today was that day as Addison's constant obsession with her hands in her mouth has become a bit obsessive and just plain gross. CJ and I had to pick up a few other items so we searched out for Sophie as well.

There are several different "Sophie" products, all which were fairly expensive for a "toy". At $21.99, that is a hefty investment for a toy that squeaks and can also be used for teething but none the less, I decided to pick it up. As we were checking out, we saw a cheaper "Sophie" product that was a teether, a bit smaller than the traditional Sophie so we put the giraffe back and picked up the Sophie teether. We put all our items up at the counter at Buy Buy Baby and the cashier said have you seen the giraffe product? I said yes, but we chose the teether version instead. Well, she said she would suggest the giraffe version because it was a teether, toy, squeaker in one. Okay, sold.

So, at $21.99 later, we bought Miss Sophie, opened it up at home and gave it to Addie. PURE LOVE IMMEDIATELY! She has not let go of Sophie since we gave it to her. It is easy to squeak and she loves it. She puts it in her mouth and knaws on it and gets pure enjoyment.

A well spent $22. Go, no run, and get one. This should be added to my top 10 list of MUST have items.

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  1. We have a friend who gives Sophie to every new mom. She said they've done studies on blind babies who can tell which teether is Sophie even if they are the same shape and texture. It has something to do with the French, organic rubber. I don't think Kate is quite as obsessed as some babies are with Sophie, but she does crack a smile each time Sophie "squeaks!" Of course our running joke is that it is a $20 dog toy! :)