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Friday, January 20, 2012

10 Months

Oh MY! Little miss Addison Grace is now 10 months. I can't tell you her weight, because I just don't know. I would assume she's in the 19-20 pound mark.

She has pretty much surpassed the 9 month clothing size and wore it for a very short period of time. Considering she was in NB until well after 3 months and in 3 months well into 6 months and 6 months until around 9 months, I was certain she would be in 9 months for awhile, but NOPE. She's able to wear 12 months and they fit her, just fine. I could be that her fluffy butt is a little bit larger due to the cloth diaper, but the girl is so dang long, everything is too short on her. Anything one piece, forget it. She's not fitting into it, she's busting at the snaps. Same thing goes with onesies.

She is eating a lot more food. She has found a new love for Cherrios. Oh how she loves them. She also continues to love her puffs and yogurt melts and has become very independent in eating them. OH, and how could I forget the MumMum's. Actually, I am sure she loves them, but I love them even more. Why you ask? Because they are NOT messy! :) She's continuing to try all sorts of food, pretty much anything we eat, she tries and loves. Still have not come across a single thing she turns her nose at. She's a great eater. We have changed up her feeding schedule to the following:

8am- 9 ounce bottle
11am- Solid food and snacks
1pm-9 ounce bottle
3pm-Solid food and snacks
6pm- 9 ounce bottle
7pm-Solid food and snacks

She is continuing to sleep well through the night usually giving us 12 hours of sleep. We are certain she is beginning to dream because she lightly cries in her crib, moans and kicks her feet. Not enough to wake her up, but enough to hear her. We just go in and give her a paci and that ensures she stays sound asleep. She normally goes to bed between 7:15pm and 7:45pm and on weekdays has to be woken up (FEEL HORRIBLE ABOUT THAT!) around 6:45am and on weekends around 7:30-8am.

She is ALL over the place moving, crawling, grazing, and standing. She is able to stand for a few seconds unassisted. We are pretty sure in the next few weeks she will be a walker. She surely can whip around the house with her walker in record speed though. She's not afraid to try to walk and step from the couch to her toys or the chair or table. She is fairly good about falling and getting right back up without blinking. She's fearless, good or bad? not sure :)

She has been growing teeth like it's her job. She has her two bottom teeth, both incisors are coming in and one of her front teeth have broke through, all without any true issues. Life with teeth is pretty normal!

She has continued with swim class and loves it tremendously. She's such a water baby and VERY happy to be in the swimming pool kicking and splashing.

We are continued to be amazed by this little girl day by day. She really brings so much joy to our lives. Having a bad day, all I have to do is think about her and smiles are immediately brought to my face. She's one special gal and we are one special family to have her be a part of. Love you Addie Grace.



Enjoy the 10 month pictures. (Continues to get harder each month to take these. She is so darn interested in the sticker that I have to distract her with other things, hence the pink bracelet in all the pictures!)

Look, one leg!

standing by myself

i want that camera!


And here is where the temper tantrums begin!


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