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Saturday, January 28, 2012

We are MOVING!

Yes, you read that right. We are moving, moving back to VA. At the end of March.

So many mixed emotions. Do I want to be in VA to be closer to family? Absolutely! Am I going to miss Chicago and all my friends? Most definitely!

This was such a difficult decision to make and one that CJ did not want to make but he agreed........tentatively.

He understands my need to be closer to my mom, Addison's grammie, my Dad, Addison's grandfather, my Mother in Law, Addison's gramma, and all of Addison's aunties, uncle's, godmother and godfather. She has so many people that are MORE than excited that we are moving, but just as many that are sad to see her go.

CJ and I took the leap and moved to Chicago 7 years ago. No one could believe we were actually going to move, and we did. We made it on our own, proved we are adults but now it is time to be closer to family, to rely on them, to have them be a HUGE part of Addison's life.

But, there are still mixed emotions. About two more months before we actually move. WOW!

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