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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 1 of Fluffy

We have successfully completed week one of cloth diapering at home and on the weekend. Wahhooo!

And let me tell you, IT'S EASY and FUN! Yes, I mean it!

I spent last weekend prepping all the diapers for use and starting Sunday morning, Addison was cloth diapered. Read about the prepping here. While at school, she continued to wear disposable until she ran out (she out so will be fully cloth diapered this upcoming week). I had school put a diaper on her for her last change at school so she would have one on when we picked her up. She wore them every night this past week with NO LEAKS! I cannot say the same for the disposables in the past few weeks.

I have been washing the diapers either every night or every other night. We have a great rhythm going between CJ and I, so they get done.

Thus far, my two favorite diapers are Kawaii and Best Bottom. I am also liking the GroVia brand which is what she will be primarily wearing while at school. I have added quite a few to my "stash" over the weeks. Several brand including Best Bottom, GroVia, Charlie Banana, Alva, Kawaii, EcoBums, Bum Genius, Rumperooz, Lotus Bumz, FuzziBunz, Bonnibons, and Swaddlebees/Blueberry. 

We also added a few accessories like a diaper sprayer (to spray the poop off) and some bamboo cloth wipes.

Thus far, loving cloth. I am wondering to myself, why did we wait so long?  

We love our little fluffy butt!

FuzziBunz Pocket- the only one I could find with a ladybug on it!

Best Bottom AI2

GroVia Ai2- we will be using this at school because of the hook and loop (Velcro)

Two random brands-but seriously how cute is the jean material?

BumGenius Pocket

SwaddleBee and Blueberry Pockets

CD's drying


New Bamboo Wipes

Fluffy butt! Day One!

Hanging out in Mom's Uggs with my fluffy butt!

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