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Friday, January 27, 2012

A week of craziness....

So it's been a week since I last posted a blog and boy has it been crazy. On Tuesday we got a call from school that little Addison had a fever. CJ went and picked her up and took her to the pediatrician where they confirmed a 103 fever and diagnosed her with a double ear infection. Ugh!

Lucky for me (not really!), CJ was going out of town Wednesday-today. Why does he always travel when Addison gets sick. This is the third time. Well, it was baby and I on Wednesday. She was the most miserable and saddest baby I have seen in a LONG TIME! She was less than enthused to be awake and just wanted to be held. She was super clingy and ran a fever for pretty much the whole day. I put her to bed early on Wednesday and around 1:30am she woke up with the loudest scream cry I have ever heard. I jolted out of my sleep and ran in to get her. She was SOOO hot. I picked her up, laid her on the changing table to take her temperature and give her some more Advil and she proceeded to throw up. I was freaking out. I finally took her temp and it was just over 104, again, freaking out. So, the only thing I knew to do was call emergency doctor's line at our pediatrican. The doctor called right back, thankfully and said that the antibiotic had not had 48 hours to work and to bring her in again in the morning if she continued to vomit.

Well luckily, no more vomiting but Addison was certainly in need of mommy. I held her all night. The minute I put her down, she cried. My poor poor baby. It was do hard to not be able to do anything but hold her and tell her she would feel better soon. Luckily yesterday, she got lots and lots of sleep and pretty much slept the sickness away. She was back at school today and back to her semi normal self. She still wanted a lot of snuggle time (which I don't mind) and went to bed early tonight.

Picking her up from School on Tuesday :(

How we spent Wednesday, cuddled.

Miserable :'(

5am, when I was finally able to put her down.

Such sad sad eyes.

This is how we spent Thursday.

I don't feel good momma! 

She will certainly be happy to see Daddy in the morning!

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