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Thursday, October 6, 2011


We have taken the leap, the time we have dreaded for a long time, transitioning Addison from her Magic Sleepsuit. We began swaddling Addison from day one and she slept SO good as a result that when we transitioned from Swaddling to the Magic Sleepsuit, we were certain we would have to start all over with her sleeping through the night. Nope, she proved us wrong.

So, surely we thought the same thing transitioning her from the Sleepsuit to just the Sleepsak and once again, that little stinker proved us wrong. She's been sleeping in the Sleepsak for 4 nights thus far and we have had no issues. She has gone down at 8pm as usual and slept through the night as usual.

The only difference?
She has found that she can sleep on her tummy and has taken FULL ADVANTAGE of it.

So funny to see her sleeping on her belly with her butt up in the air. Her preferred position! (Had I known this, I think I would have transitioned her earlier but due to our concern for our lack of sleep, hehe, we didn't, oppss!)

I must say, I am so glad that we started her out in her crib as early as we did (at night 3). I honestly believe it has helped her sleep so well at night and allow us to sleep at night. She knows when she's in her crib, it's night night time and within 10-15 minutes, she is asleep. She can easily play in her crib at night or in the morning and be completely entertained by her mobile or stuffed animals. I love this about her. I think it shows her independence.

We've got a special little girl on our hands.

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