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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Addison's Visits PaPa

Last weekend we drove to Peoria to visit the Hoadley's (Grandma and Papa) before they left for Flordia for the winter. Addison had a great time playing with Papa. See for yourself:

We also spent time with Julie, Shane and Cara. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures....what was I thinking? Addison got lots and lots and lots of clothes from Cara. It's going to be awhile until she's in those clothes, but nonetheless, they are SOO cute and we are SOO grateful.

The pictures below depict Addison's expressions. She is FULL of them these days. It is so hard to bottle them up and remember them all so pictures are the only way to remember them. (I am well aware that others do not see the difference in one picture to another, but I can tell! hehe)

Clearly she loves loves loves PaPa!

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