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Sunday, September 18, 2011

6 month Check up with STATS

Dear Family and Friends,

I have an update after I went to the doctor this morning. I am now 16lbs, 4oz and am 27 inches long. That puts me in the 50th percentile for weight and 90th for height. I am certain its all the homemade food Mommy and Daddy have been feeding me. 

I had to get 3 shots and did great. I only fussed for a few seconds and Daddy picked me up and calmed me down immediately. The nurse told me there was just something about me that was special, she couldn't put her finger on it but was certain my eyes were just beautiful and I was a very good baby, she could just tell. Mommy and Daddy didn't disagree, that is for sure

So, all in all, I did great. I go back in two more weeks for my 2nd round of shots and again 3 weeks after that for my final flu shot. 

PS. Here are pictures of me waiting to see Dr. Campbell. I was playing with Daddy's keys. I especially loved the paper they put on the table. I destroyed it in seconds.

PSS. I have been busy growing and becoming a young lady. In my 6 months of life, I have been able to conquer some pretty awesome things that my Mommy and Daddy are SO proud of including:

1. Sitting up- at about 5 months, 3 weeks I sat up by myself with little to no practice. While getting my photos done, my photographer asked if I could sit by myself. Since my Mommy and Daddy didn't know, they put me in the sitting position and I surprised them by sitting for many of my pictures. I haven't stopped since and I am getting better at sitting unassisted every day. 

2. Scooting- I have been able to lay on my back and scoot myself with my feet virtually anywhere I want to go. My Mommy and Daddy can't put me in one place and expect to find me still there....nope, I am on the move.

3. "Crawling"- I am still trying to get this one down. At about 5 1/2 months when my buddy Archer visited, my parents discovered I could get up on my knees and "crawl". Now, I try to kid them that this is crawling but they know better, I actually have to move somewhere, thus far, all I am doing is rocking back and forth. I will prove them that I can crawl when they least expect it, promise!

4. Eating- I am eating like a big girl. My Mommy has been awesome in making me my own food. This is what I have tried thus far: 
  • Peaches, Apples, Nectarines
  • Bananas and Avocados
  • Blueberries and Strawberries (now, I know that I am not supposed to have this until 9+months but my Mommy cooked these to kill all the pesticides and strained them for no seeds!)
  • Blueberries, Raspberries and Pear (See above)
  • Sweet Potato, Carrot, Butternut Squash
  • Eggplant, Yellow Squash, Carrot, Apple
I have had no allergic reactions yet and have LOVED everything I have tried. Mommy and Daddy will begin meat with me, per doctors orders, next week. I am still taking a 7 ounce bottle every 4-5 hours throughout the day.

5. Sleep- I love my sleep at home, but not so much at school. Actually I prefer not to sleep at school. I guess I am just too social and nosy for sleep. At home though, I love to sleep and can take several naps per day, some as long as 3 hours long. hehe! I have my strict bedtime (unless Mommy and Daddy have friends/family over-then I can party with them a little later) of 8pm and usually sleep until 5am when I demand to have my paci back in my mouth. After Daddy plugs me, I can sleep for another 2 or so hours. 

6. Activities- I just love love love my Jumperroo. One of my favorite toys. I insist you go buy one if you don't already have it. Yup, I can be demanding even at 6 months of age. If you take something away from me that I want, I will throw a temper tantrum (yes, just like Mommy did when she was younger). Please don't take my noisy toys away, especially anything that crinkles otherwise you WILL see me get upset. Otherwise, I stay pretty happy and content. I love to paint and do art activities at school. My parents are so proud of me to see my artwork at the end of each month when school sends it home.

7. What's next? Well, I hope you continue to read my Mommy's blog. She loves to keep everyone updated about me and brag about how great I am, how cute I am and whatever else she can think of about me. I am growing to be a young lady and it's hard to believe I have weathered Mommy and Daddy for a full 6 months---they are crazy I tell ya.

Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!



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