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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Silly girl

Addison is showing her personality more and more these days.And let me tell you, that personality is a funny one. She is full of expressions, lots of smiles and belly laughs.

I captured some cute pictures of her playing with Mommy on the floor. (this is a huge deal because I haven't been on the floor with her in quite some time since surgery) You will see my foot, tattoo and brace are all of interest to Addison. She kept trying to lick, suck and pet my toes. Yum, right?

Then baby proceeded to put her bloomers on her head. Oh my, we have our hands full with Little Miss Personality.

Enjoy the pictures! (There are a lot of them!)

hi mom!

this is MY toy, not yours!

wow, your foot is bigger than mine.

what's that you got on your ankle?

reaching for mommy's toes

hmm, i think THIS goes in my mouth (along with everything else)


and now what's this?

in my mouth too?
and this is what happens when you take my bloomers off.....

I put them on my head!

silly me!

layla in on the action!

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