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Monday, September 19, 2011

Six Month Sticker Photos

These pictures are courtesy of CJ taking them since I am unable to get down on the floor and actually take pictures of her. He did a great job!

As mentioned in another post, Addison is growing rapidly thanks to her love for food. Wonder where she got that from? Everything is growing from her legs to even her hair. If you compare her four month picture piggy tails, you can see they have grown significantly in the last 2 months. 

Here are some others to enjoy!

Caparison with Layla. Both girls are getting so big, hehe:

Look, I can now SIT next to my big sister!
Love her expression!
I know how to smile when Mommy (or Daddy in this case)
 brings that big thing out and starts snapping!

Right before falling backward and hitting her head

and this is what happened, poor baby!

Miss Diva but I do have pretty eye lashes! 


more, really?

you are waving something at me,
oh wait, I know what it is!
my WIPES!!

ah, satisfaction!

Kisses from Layla who does NOT like to hear baby cry!

I am all HAPPY now! 

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