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Friday, December 30, 2011

New Developments- 9 Months

Addison has been really busy the month of December developing lots of new tasks. It seemed like over night, from 8 months to 9 months, she has been able to understand and grasp many new skills like:

-Signing "more"
-Giving a high-five
-Waving hi and bye-bye
-Pulling herself up on EVERYTHING
-Drinking from a sippy cup
-Cruising around furniture and people
-"Walking" with assistance
-Chasing Layla to her best ability
-Climbing the stairs, successfully
-Pulling anything and everything out of her hair or off her head (Sad mommy!)
-Separation anxiety from Daddy, especially
-Saying Dada, her first word!

Goofy Girl!
She also developed her first ear infection, a double one at that, combined with bronchitis. Poor girl was miserable.

She got two more teeth, her top two incisors. She's been a mad women chewing on anything and everything she can get into her mouth.

Food is becoming plentiful these days as she is continuing to try new things daily. She loves chicken! She is continuing to take bottles, 3 times a day at 8am, 1pm and 6pm, anywhere from 8-10 ounces. She eats solids twice a day at 11am and 7pm and many snacks in between. She loves loves loves her Mum Mums and Cherrios.

We've got an awesome 9 month kid, that's for sure!

Still obsessed with the wipes. Anyone else's child like this?

This picture says it all. Constant comedy in this house!
Toys everywhere, climbing over and under things, Layla
right behind, joining in the fun!

She is no longer a "good" snuggler. She'd rather be on the move.
"Put me down Dad!"

Such an intense face!

Clearly was NOT happy but Layla, as usual, giving her kisses
to make her feel better! Sister love, for sure!

Getting better at her sippy cup. And check out that dog, seriously?

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