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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Resolutions

This year, I am making a lofty New Year's Resolution for 2012. My resolution is to


I like to consider myself a very outgoing, friendly person, yet I am rather insecure on the inside. I tend to want someone to do something new with me, instead of taking the challenge on my own. I tend to live comfortably without looking at other options, only doing what seems right. I tend to seek approval from others and question everything.

Not this year. This year, I am going to live outside my comfort zone. I have several things already on my agenda that I plan on doing, and look forward to adding more. So for starters.....

1. I bought a Groupon for a bootcamp. I am going to go by myself. Do this for me. I had great success with a bootcamp in the past but have tended to shy away from joining another since moving to the suburbs because I didn't know anyone and didn't want to do it by myself. Time to put my big girl panties on and get my workout on. Bootcamp, here I come!

2. I also bought a Groupon for a cake decorating class. So far out of my element, but something that is different, sounds interesting and certainly living outside my comfort zone. Looking forward to making Addison's first year birthday cake, maybe?

3. And for the third Groupon I purchased was a photography class. It is about time I learn to use this expensive camera. I am actually taking a class specifically for parents on how to photograph children. I am beyond excited for this class, yet really nervous because I will have to learn something new, something that doesn't come easily to me, hence completely out of my comfort zone. Bring on the awesome pics of Addie though! 

4. And finally, the most extreme decision I am making to live outside my "zone" is to start cloth diapering. I have been doing research on this topic and after looking at my bank statement to see how much we have had to spend on disposables, reading how long it takes for one single diaper to decompose, and the endless chemicals in what I am putting on my sweet babies bottom was enough for me to look into cloth diapering. I will begin part-time, while we are home with Addison and on the weekends (she will wear disposables at school until we are very comfortable---CJ included). I have a wonderful friend that has shared all her knowledge about CDing (as it's called these days) and I look forward to the "challenge" which is VERY outside of my norm. 

That's just the beginning, but........Wish me luck in the new year! 

2011 was a fabulous year for us. We welcomed the most precious gift into the world in March and our lives were forever changed. I have a hard time believing that 2012 will come even close, but, there are changes in the works. Changes that I am both excited, yet nervous and scared about all the same time.I will be looking to friends and family for a lot of support during the change, but I am certain it is what's best for our family, even if CJ doens't agree, right now! :) 

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