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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Santa, Addison's coming for you....

We spent the day in downtown Chicago with Uncle Michael. We spent part of the day at the German Kris Kringle mart and the other half waiting in like at Macy's (the old landmark Marshall Field's) waiting to see Santa; and oh what an experience it was.

Kris Kringle was SUPER busy and full of people wanting yummy German food and fun nick knacks. It was beyond cold, but we were all bundled well and ready to face the cold. We also got to see the HUGE tree decorated with lots of lights. Pretty neat.

Next we were off to get warm inside Macy's aka Marshall Fields. We waited in line for about an hour but it was WELL worth the wait. Macy's sure did make seeing Santa a special event. We walked, well slowly moved, through the maze of the North Pole with lots of moving and animated characters, interactive displays, and fun neighbors in line. The best thing, there was not just one Santa, but many, which made the line move much quicker....thankfully. We were unsure how Addison would react, but she went right to Santa, pulled on his beard, and just stared at him in awe. We were able to snap a few pictures with our camera (aka, didn't have to pay for an overpriced picture from the inexperienced photographer) that all turned out great.

All in all, we have really completed the whole Christmas experience by seeing Santa. I know Addison will cherish the pictures later on in life.

And the holiday festivities documented:

putting ornaments on the tree

big helper

the BIG tree

it was cold, but A was prepared!

Me in front of the tree
The BIG tree again

Kris Kringle Market

Waiting for a German Brat

the maze to the North Pole, interactive bears

Uncle Michael and Addie

playing in line

Mom and A in line

was so mesmerized by the bears

couldn't keep her eyes off all the moving characters

playing with Uncle Michael

You are funny Uncle M

Someone's getting sleepy

see how enthused CJ was?

Waiting in line for Mr. Santa

again, so interested in everything happening around her.

look ma, I am on TV!

And the prized picture, Addison with Santa!

I got this Mom!

BIG tree at night!

The boys walking home! Great day!

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