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Saturday, December 17, 2011

October, A look back

I realized that I only blogged twice, yikes, in October. Think that was a busy month?

To make up for it, I figured I should post pictures from our visit to Sonny Acres Farm and Halloween.

We went on a hay ride, visited the petty zoo and unfortunately, did not pick up one pumpkin. I guess that is what happens when you go the weekend before Halloween, they are all picked over. Oh well!

Addison had a wonderful time regardless.

this is what was left of the pumpkins

daddy and A

she loved the animals

whatcha doing down there?



i love how she is looking up at me, lol!

on the hay ride.

kisses for Mom!

Family picture

Loved Sonny Acres!

and ZONKED out!
We celebrated Halloween at the Davis' Annual Kids Friendly Halloween Party. It was a fun time for all and CJ even won "Hunkiest Male" Award. Yikes! :)

And now for the appropriate and not so appropriate pictures.....
Lay as a bumble bee

Sam as a bumble bee

the boys

The German Beer Couple

Britney and who knows what

and Addibug

Keira as Tinkerbell aka Diva

Sara, Jason and I

The Davis' as Hot FireCouple

Skwishy skwishy cheeks. 

Addie's friend, JP the bat

Kalen as Thomas, of course

the little kiddos, Addie, JP and Keira

This picture cracks me up. Addison was clearly done
taking her picture and turned her back on us!

The Hoadley's

Nicole and Emersyn (the cow and milk maid!)

Addison eating the bat ear- too funny

All the kiddos-Kalen as Thomas, Morgan as a Pirate, Ronin as a fighter pilot,
Kiera as a Diva, JP as a bat, Addie as a Ladybug and Emersyn as a Cow...TOO CUTE!

Carrie (aka Britney B*tch), Addie and CJ

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf
Best Costume of the Night

CJ and Nicole

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