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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Treading Water

Hello all! Sorry it's been some time since I have had the opportunity to blog. Things have been hectic, as usual (i know i know that is always my excuse) but when you are working full-time, your husband is traveling for a week, you are trying to complete your masters, AND you are making major life decisions (more to come on that later), blogging is the last thing I have had time for.

Addison is getting bigger than ever and becoming more independent than I care to admit. She would much rather be playing on the floor, pulling herself up on everything and practicing perusing along the furniture. In just a few weeks she will be a big 9 month-er, WOW! Where has the time gone? (Pretty sure all parents say that, right?)

Well, I know you are more interested in the updated pictures of her than reading what I am writing, so here they are.

Cute Tummy2Bummy Diaper for swim class 

capturing eyes this little girl has.

Lil' Miss Diva! (and one of mom's fav outfits!)

My two girls, love!

Taking my 8 month pics--MUCH harder these days as she's on the move



Thanksgiving with Tyler and Nicole

Oh My!

My favorite toy (water bottle filled with macaroni)

Play date with my bff Keria

Hi Mom!

I am over this picture taking!

               Excuse my looks but this picture is SO special to me.  A NEVER sleeps on us anymore and she was so tired she ZONKED out!    

Camera cheese!

I am into TROUBLE!

and trying to climb.

Really Layla?

and I climbed the stairs!

My holiday picture, 2011.

Happy Birthday Grammie TODAY!!!

Mommy and I before pictures.

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