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Monday, May 9, 2011

First Day of School

Well, today was the day I have dreaded for, well honestly, since the day I found out I was pregnant........

taking Addison to school.

It wasn't so much me going back to work. In a previous post, I talk about my love for my job and my desire to be successful, it was more or less, me leaving my baby in someone else's care.

Well let me tell you. It was MUCH harder than I anticipated. I honestly thought I was going to be calm, cool and collected. I woke up this morning, while a little upset, I didn't even shed a single tear showering, getting ready, even in the car ride to school.

Then, it happened. CJ turned into the school and the waterworks began. Not just tears, no no no, sobs and sobs and sobs. I let it all out....for just a few minutes before I pulled myself together. We had a schedule to adhere to after all. So, we enter the school and we are greeted by the Principal whom is VERY sweet and nice. She takes us back to the infant room and we walk in. I got this. I am good. No more tears.

Oh no no no!!! Don't be fooled. We get into the classroom (a neat thing is you must take your shoes off before entering the classroom which equals little to no outside germs, yah!). The teacher says hello and tells us her name is Adalys. She is young, cute and extremely friendly. She says they've all been waiting for Addison and can't believe how pretty she is...and SO much hair. Yeah yeah yeah. I don't care how pretty my baby is, let's get down to the nitty gritty. Are you capable of taking care of my baby? She then shows us where Addison's cubby and crib are. She tells me I can put her extra change of clothes here and any other belongings we might have. Boom, I lost it again! Once again, sobs, not pretty tears. She comforts me and tells me it is perfectly normal to be upset and cry and that I was doing a great job handling it. Great job? Really chick? I walk in here with red glassy eyes, clearly signs that I have been crying and then I break into the ugly Oprah cry and you tell me I am doing well. Eh, I like you! Thanks for the encouragement. Ha!

So, once again, I gather myself, and we go over Addison's routine. By the end of it, I was calm, cool and collected, even laughing. Addison was asleep so CJ got her out of her carseat, we swaddled her, gave her hugs and kisses and put her in her crib. We spoke a little more with Adayls telling her how much she ate, that she loved floor time and tummy time, blah blah blah. Adalys took it all in and listened contently. I felt 100% comfortable with her....I was feeling better already. Mrs. Shirley, the Principal made her way back to the room and we all chatted more. They explained we could call or visit at any time no matter how many times we had to call, it was fine.

So, after about 15-20 minutes, we left to go to work. I had to get out of there otherwise I would cry or never leave. The whole way to the office I was okay. CJ told me he loved me, said I did great, and dropped me off at our new office building.

I got into the office and began quickly unpacking my desk (we moved offices last week and therefore I still had to unpack). There was only one person in the office, whom is fairly new, so I said hello and kept to myself in hopes of not breaking down. About 20 minutes after I got to the office, Jason and Michelle (our close family friends and my boss) came in. Michelle came over to say hi and before she made it around the corner it was waterworks, AGAIN! Sobs sobs sobs. God I love her, she hugged me, let me cry and then compose myself. I told her and Jason how the morning went, they reassured me things would be fine and back to work I went.

I teared up a few times throughout the morning but no full on cries. I had CJ call a little after Noon to check in on her, knowing that if I called, I wouldn't be able to talk because I would be crying. He called and sure enough, she was doing great. She was "a breath of fresh air" according to them and told him she was doing fabulous. She had just eaten a bottle, and took all 4 oz. Ah! Good, I can do this. So, I went through the rest of the day, fine, tearing up a few times, but nothing extreme. I didn't watch the clock, I stayed busy, and before I knew it, it was 3:30pm, an hour left until CJ comes to get me.

4:30 was there, CJ picked me up and off we went to get our baby! We walked in, paid our dues, were told she had a great day, everyone loved on her a TON and that they were so happy to have her. We went back to her room where she was playing on the floor. I walked over to her, said hello and smiles lite up her face. She recognized me like I had never left her. HUGE smiles! We checked in with the afternoon teacher (which I never got her name, was more concerned with Addison--oppps, will get that tomorrow). She ate 2 bottles, all 4 oz, whew. She slept no more than an hour, which is unlike her (usually I get 2 two hour naps throughout the day), but I was happy to see she had at least 4 naps but no longer than 45 minutes each. She was probably too excited to sleep. We packed up, put her in her car seat and off we went. We weren't out of the parking lot before she was asleep.....and she's still asleep. Poor girl, school tired her out. She's been asleep for 3 hours.....hope she sleeps tonight :)

So, all in all, it was a good day. Addison did fabulous, Mommy did okay, and I know day by day it will get better. Here's to tomorrow, a fresh new day.

Thank you Chesterbrook Academy for taking such fabulous care of Addi-bug!

Here is Addison before going to school this morning, dressed for success.

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