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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day and it was a fabulous day, let me tell you.

A nice, beautiful sunny day outside and that is HUGE considering it has been cold and rainy for what seems like the past 8 months. I always say the reason I stay in Chicago is for the Spring and Summer, well yesterday, we finally saw a glimpse of that. Bliss!

Little miss slept in, until 9am. While 9am has not been considered sleeping in to me in the past, this is my new new. 9am would be the equivalent of say, 11am pre-baby so this was a real treat. To top it off, CJ got up and did the middle of the night and early morning feeding so I got lots and lots of sleep! Makes for one happy momma!

We spent the day chatting and spending every last minute with Addison before the dreaded D-day (next post). CJ prepared me a WONDERFUL and delicious, absolutely delicious dinner which consisted of Bacon Wrapped Filets, Buttered Scallops, Grilled Asparagus and Twice Baked Potatoes. YUM YUM!! Oh and for dinner, Honey Grilled Pineapple...eeeekkk!

I took lots and lots of pictures of Addison yesterday, I just couldn't seem to take enough. I will post them to shutterfly but here are a few:

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