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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Even though this blog is about Addison and her adventures, I have to talk about one of mine.

So, many of you know my fascination with Oprah. It started many many years ago when I used to come home and watch with Gram after school. For years, I would watch every episode without missing a single one. Seven years ago when CJ and I moved to Chicago, I was certain I would be able to get tickets to at least one of her tapings. I tried to apply to each show I could, reached out and tried to make connections with people that were "insiders", all, failed.

When I heard that Oprah was taping her season spectacular finale show at the United Center, I knew I had to try. This was MY ONE LAST CHANCE! So, I reached out to each and every friend, connection, person I knew that would put their name into the "raffle" and add me as a guest. I would say approximately 15-20 people put my name down as their guest and we ALL got the nice email that said, Sorry, thanks for your attempt, but NO TICKETS FOR YOU! Ugh!

Downward spiral, my dreams were officially demolished. In my own little way, I dealt with this devastation (knowing that no one would understand where I was coming from and how I was feeling). I couldn't bring myself to watch any other shows. It was my way of protesting Oprah. And, to make matters worse, EVERYWHERE I turned, people were talking about Oprah; the news, the radio, the magazines, EVERYWHERE! I was SOOO over Oprah! How can others be so happy for her and I couldn't, all because I couldn't see a freaking show of hers.

So, fast forward to about 2 weeks after myself and all my friends got the rejection emails. Friday, May 13th, the end to one of the worst weeks since having Addison (this was her first week in school and I went back to work), I received an email. Here is the email below:


We are contacting you because we received your ticketing request and have limited availability to be a seat filler at our final taping, The Farewell Season: Oprah’s Surprise Spectacular Part 2, at the United Center on Tuesday, May 17th. As a seat filler we will be asking you to fill slightly obstructed or no-show seats based on availability for our second taping. Please note that you may be asked to change seats during the show in order to accommodate production needs, so please be alert and flexible! The time commitment for this taping would be from 7:15 p.m. until about 10:30 p.m.

If you are interested in being a seat filler for our final taping, you must reply to this email before Sunday, May 15th at 10 a.m. with the following information:

1. Your first and last name (as it appears on your photo ID)
2. Your email address
3. The first and last name of ONE guest (your guest must be at least 18 years of age)
4. Your primary phone number

VERY IMPORTANT: You are NOT confirmed to be a seat filler for this taping until you receive a confirmation email from us . This is ONLY to be a seat filler for Part 2 of our Farewell Show. Please note, there will be a lot of movement, standing, waiting, and climbing stairs. ONLY reply back if you and your guest are able to follow all of these constrictions.

-The Audience Team
The Oprah Winfrey Show

OMG!!! Are you serious??? NO way! I seriously gasped, yelled and cried all at once! This can't be happening. I immediately called my mom and could barely get the words out through the excitement and tears. I of course responded and shortly thereafter, got the following email:

Your seat filler reservation for the May 17, 2011, The Farewell Season: Oprah’s Surprise Spectacular Part 2 taping at the United Center has been confirmed. Please click on the link below for information about attending this taping.

The Farewell Season: Oprah’s Surprise Spectacular Seat Filler Reservation Information Sheet:

IMPORTANT: There will be a lot of movement, standing, waiting, and climbing stairs. If this is a problem for you or your guest, you might want to reconsider being a part of this show as a seat filler.

If you can no longer attend as a seat filler and need to cancel your reservation, please notify us by email no later than 3pm on Monday, May 16, 2011, so that we may extend this opportunity to someone else. We can’t have any empty seats since the audience will be on-camera.

Please note: Seat filler reservations are not guaranteed due to schedule changes and cancellations that could happen at any time. Neither Harpo Productions nor The Oprah Winfrey Show are responsible for reimbursement of anyone's travel expenses due to show date/time changes or cancellations. Promises of reservations or tickets through sources other than the show reservations system on are not valid. Do not pay anyone money for Oprah Show reservations or tickets.


The Oprah Show Audience Team

My dreams are coming true. It was all too surreal. I couldn't (still can't) believe it was happening. So fast forward to May 17th, the day my ultimate dream came true.

My co-worker Michelle and I arrived at the United Center with plenty of time to spare. So as to not bore my readers, I will not re-live the boring waiting part because we waited A LONG LONG time before we were let it. It was pure mayhem. People were standing outside basically begging to be let in. Craziness!

Finally, we were allowed in to the center where we were hustled up to the 300 levels and watched the end of the 1st taping on large screens. We were told we were going to replace the seats of several men, so we needed to be patient while they exited and we would be seated. We took our seats as the 2nd taping was to begin. We looked around and there were PLENTY of open seats (good thing I got tickets and didn't find this out if I didn't end up with tickets was I would have been ANGRY!). Under our seats were bags filled with children books, an O magazine, light up things to put on your fingers, and a box of tissues (Klennex was a sponsor).

All in all, it was an A-mazing show. SO many celebrities, almost more than Michelle or I could take. We saw the whole 2nd show, with great 300 level seats. We could see Oprah at all times along with all her guests. I did watch the shows on TV and to be honest, the producers, in my opinion, did a very poor job of capturing the excitement, enthusiasm and thrill the audience got throughout the show. It was something I will never forget and I CANNOT wait to tell "The Story" to Addison.

A lot of people have asked how I got the tickets. I believe and I am convinced the Oprah show producers were sick of seeing my name over and over and over again and they probably thought I was some psycho. LOL!

Here is a link to all the guests that attended and a play by play of how the night unfolded----CRAZY guest list.

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