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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hands in the Mouth

Addibug has realized she had hands and she cannot seem to keep them out of her mouth. If she doesn't have a paci in her mouth, her hand is right there. It makes her so happy to put two and two together. I am certain we have a thumb or finger sucker on our hands which wouldn't surprise me, because I was a finger sucker.

Yup, whole fist in mouth.
Here you can see me do it. It's fun!

Layla isn't looking so big these days next to her sister. (although Lay looks MISERABLE. Mom, do i really have to pose next to her?)

And, because she is SO stinkin' cute, I added a few other pictures of her for fun!

I can just eat that smirk up.

Yes baby girl, you are TOO sweet!

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