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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The majority of our family is in VA and the surround states however, lucky for Uncle Michael (my brother) and Aunt Les and Uncle Perry (CJ's aunt and uncle), they get the honor and privilege to see Addison on a monthly and sometimes weekly visit.
Uncle Michael and Addison

Les and Perry, god bless them, have been there for CJ and I in times of need. This week was no different. CJ was traveling for work and our power went out during a huge storm. I was home alone with Layla and baby, no lights, no water (we have a sump pump and it runs on electricity), no entertainment, nothing. The power went out Thursday early AM and by Thursday evening, it still was not back on. I was in desperate need of a shower and I had no clean bottles for Addison so we went over to the always so hospitable Les and Perry's. They showered Addison with love while I showered. We had dinner and because it was so nice out (in the mid 50's) I decided to head home and sleep at our house for the evening. But, without Les and Perry, we would be somewhat lost. They have been there for us when we really needed "family" to lean on and as Perry always says, "there is one word that sums us up, Family!"

Grandpa David, Grandma, Daddy, Aunt Les and Uncle Perry

Then there is Michael, or Uncle Michael as Addison will know him. One word sums the two of them up: LOVE! She just smiles and coo's at him as to tell him, I LOVE YOU UNCLE MICHAEL! It melts my heart. He is so good with her and he gets SO excited to see her. She is going to be one spoiled niece and I am certain she will learn plenty of "life" lessons from him. And of course, Aunt Carrie, Michael's girlfriend loves her to death too.

It is great to have this little family to lean on when need be. Michael always steps up to the plate to watch Layla when we need him and Les and Perry are always there to help out when need be. We are so thankful and blessed to be loved by so many!

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