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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend O' Fun

hi Mom!!

This was one of the first weekends where I spent little time with baby. It was a FUN and great weekend but for the most part, Addison and Dad had father/daughter time which I know CJ enjoyed tremendously.

On Friday, we picked Addison up from school, ran home to take Layla out and then head over to Jason and Michelle's. It was girl's night for myself, Michelle and Leary (aka Nicole). We had dinner and saw Bridesmaids while the boys, Jason and CJ, watched the kids. As we assumed, the boys were asleep when we walked in the house at 2am. It was hard to be away from Addison pretty much the whole day, but it was much needed girls night and we had a great time.

We got home really late Saturday morning, around 2am and fed Addison once more and hit the sack. She got up at 6am for another bottle and quickly went back down until almost 11am. Our baby knows how to sleep! We all got up and I got ready to see Glee Live! with Jason and Michelle. Yet again, I chose to spend pretty much the whole day away from Addison, and it was hard, but I need to find my independence without her. She enjoyed spending time with Daddy and I enjoyed my adult time, even though one could argue that I didn't have much adult time with 5,000 screaming girls at Glee Live! ha! Regardless, we spend the evening together by going out to dinner and after baby went to bed, CJ and I spent precious husband and wife time together.
Is that me in there?

One thing I have learned is that even though Addison is a high priority, my husband still needs attention too. I have really keep this in mind and given him the love and attention he needs and I am certain he knows I am putting in the effort. After Addison goes down each night at 8pm, it is our time and that time is so sacred. We talk, watch TV, laugh, and catch up. It isn't about Addison anymore, it is about us. I love love love this time together! I cannot even put into words the love that has grown tremendously between the two of us since Addison joined our family. It is still hard to believe that we produced such a beautiful, healthy, perfect baby! We did good!

Sunday, today, was a really good family day as well. CJ spent some time outside doing yard work while I spend much needed time with Addison. I got my fix! Uncle Michael and Carrie came over as well and we spent the day playing with Addison and grilling out. We had a YUMMY dinner which consisted of Chipotle Grilled Pork Tenderloin with a Raspberry Chipotle Brown Sugar Glaze, Fried Rice, Corn and a North Shore Spinach Salad. It was soooo good! I am amazed that we are able to cook such amazing dinners while having an almost 12 week old baby. I honestly thought I would be eating frozen meals until Addison was 6 months old!
Mommy, Uncle Michael and Addiebug
Uncle Michael and Addie

This upcoming week CJ is heading on a trip for work. This will be his 2nd trip since having Addison. He was gone from Monday-Wednesday his first trip but this trip is from Tuesday-Friday. Just a day longer but I will be relying on a stranger to watch Addison while I have school on Wednesday. CJ's bosses wife will be coming over to the house to watch baby while I go to school. She has 2 children of her own so I know she will do an excellent job, but I have only met her once and it is incredibly hard to leave Addison alone with someone I don't know very well. I know she will be in good hands though!

So, here's to a good week. I will be a single parent for the majority of it and I know it will take lots of planning and preparing ahead but I know I am strong enough to do it! Plus, in my own selfish way, I look forward to just Mommy and Addie time! :)

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