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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

15 Week Update

I haven't done a weekly update on the progression of Addison in quite some time.

At 15 weeks, Addison weights 13.2 pounds.

She is eating 6 ounces every 4-5 hours.

She is taking 3-4 naps a day anywhere between 45 minutes to 2 hours.

She is going to bed around 8pm and waking up around 5:30am on average. On the weekend, after her AM bottle, she goes right back down for several more hours. I am certain if we did not have to take her to school, she would do this every morning. She pretty much dictates her bedtime and let's us know by fussing. Swaddle her and give her a paci, and she is lights out.

She has begun rolling over from her tummy to her back and back to tummy (and did so for the first time at about 12 weeks old) however, to date, we still have yet to witness this. She has been sneaky about her skills and only does this at school or when we are not watching. (Last week I spent 2 hours one evening and another hour the next trying to catch her doing this on video. She came SOOO close but never completely turned over).

She is able to play contently on the floor for quite some time either on a blanket or on her activity mat. She loves her tummy time as well.

She has amazing eye contact and will watch what you are doing contently.

She is mesmerized with the television. She will perform the exorcist in order to see the TV. (don't worry, I will not be a parent that sits their child in front of the TV to entertain them, I am certain she just loves the colors and movement)

She LOVES her big sister Layla. Layla will lay next to Addison and just watch over her or give her kisses.

For sure, Addison is in a routine. It is so very well established that she only fusses when she is hungry or tired.

All in all, Addison is a VERY happy baby! She is carefree, easy to please and full of smiles day in and day out. CJ and I could not have asked for a better baby. I keep telling myself, just wait for that "bad" day or night, it's just a fluke she is sleeping through the night, but it hasn't happened. Each morning we wake up surprised that she has slept through the whole night and each night we discuss how surprised we are the day went so smooth. We are SOO very lucky and thank our lucky stars for such a blessing. Thank you Addison Grace for choosing us to be your parents!

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