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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ambitious Mommy?

Yup, you got it!

I have decided, in my spare time (ha!), I want to take photography classes. I have a wonderful Canon EOS Rebel T2i camera that I got for Christmas and I want to capture everything I can from Addison's life, that I need to learn what I am doing. Just pointing, shooting and clicking is not using my resources wisely.

So, with that said, I am going to be looking into photography classes. Nothing long-term, just a few basic classes here an there. Really looking forward to it.

And, this is on top of everything else I have going on, as Auntie Suzanne would say. Starting in May I will be going back to work full-time, going back to Graduate School, taking 3 Mommy Bootcamp classes a week (hello pre-baby body!!), joining Weight Watchers, caring for a newborn, being a wonderful wife, and another new hobby, bow making. EH, if you're not busy, then what are you?

I am and always have been an ambitious, go-getter. That is where I thrive. I enjoy a "full" calendar, something to do every day. I am not a down time type of person. I find that I get lazy and complacent. Who wants a mom that lays on the couch all day....certainly not Addison. I want to give Addison the values that my mom and grandmother gave me. My mom, as a single parent, worked her butt off for us kids and showed us the importance of hard work. I have a lot to live up to....if I could be half as good of a parent as my mom was to me, I will be doing something good! (love you Momma!).

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