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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Layla, the "big" sister

I could not have asked for Addison to have a better "big" sister.

A lot of people are asking how Layla is with Addison. I couldn't be more proud. We raised Layla to be the best big sister possible.

Layla has been our pride and joy for the past 5 years. She has been spoiled rotten and given all the attention in the house. She was the first thing I woke up thinking about and the last thing I went to bed thinking about, of course, besides CJ.

She has filled our hearts with lots of love so how could we have anymore room. Well, lucky for Addison we do but Layla has not been forgotten.

Layla helps in every way possible:

She is happy to keep Addison's bouncy seat warm.

She is kind enough to give Addison kisses when she's upset.

She is the Addison's best friend and a wonderful big sister.

Now, I can say our life is officially complete with our two girls!

(For those who are wondering---Michael watched Layla while we were in the hospital. Shortly after getting home on Thursday afternoon, CJ went to pick Layla up. He brought Layla's security blanket and the shirt and blanket Addison wore while in the hospital. He let Layla smell all these items so as to familiarize her with the new scents. When Layla came home, she came up to Addison, sniffed her, licked her face, gave me a kiss, and laid on her chair. Successful introduction!)

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