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Monday, April 11, 2011


No, not Buy Buy Baby or Bed Bath and Beyond.

Bath, Bottle and Bed. The routine.

Routine is important so I have been told so we decided to get in the routine early.

Addison gets a bath every other night. We were advised by our friend, mom of 2, to ensure baby gets extra time in the water, so as to "marinate" her in the water, and that will ensure she gets nice and tired. Thus far, it works. Guaranteed, bath nights Addison sleeps far better than non bath nights....maybe it's the Night Time bath wash and lotion, or the extreme crying during bath time, but regardless, we know these nights are going to be easier to put her down.

Addison's First Bath

Complete with her first pee while bathing. LOL

During the first 2 weeks, we found ourselves going to bed close to midnight. Whether it was the time she finally fell asleep or when we finally wound down from a world-wind day we decided this needed to change, ASAP. We set a bedtime of 8:30/9pm. Now, even though we set a time, we know realistically this isn't going to happen, at least not for some time therefore we start the process around that time and hope to have her down as soon as possible even though that time is sometimes 11:30/midnight .

So every night, we bath her (only on bath nights), lotion her up, give her a baby massage, dress her in jammies, swaddle her, and in the rocker we go. She is fed a bottle and rocked until she's asleep. This has become Daddy's job and he truly loves this time with her. Once she's asleep she is put in her crib and the music/mobile goes on, book read, and she is left to a peaceful slumber. Now, sometimes the process of rocking and in the crib goes on several times until she stops fighting sleep and finally gives in to the exhaustion.

Side note: We set up the pack and play in our bedroom for the first few nights (three to be exact) and decided to transition her to her own room and crib thereafter. She has done MUCH better sleeping in her own crib rather than in the pack and play even though the first night was a challenge.

We have a good little sleeper on our hands, for the most part. Typically she is fully asleep from 11:30pm through 6:30/7am with a quick fuss around 3am to feed in which she sleeps through. I consider this sleeping to be mirculous and amazing. I honestly don't know if this is normal or not, but put it this way, I was preparing for much worse. Now, this is a typical night. In the past 4 weeks, we have had 2-3 "bad" nights meaning we could not get her to go down until after midnight or she was up super early however, without fail, she has consistently gone back to sleep without effort after her 3am-ish feeding. AWESOME kiddo!

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