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Monday, April 18, 2011

Girls Weekend

This weekend Addison and I spent lots of time with the girls.

On Saturday, we had lunch with Auntie Suzanne, her sister Shelby, niece Jenny and her niece's baby Addie. We did a little shopping, had lunch and chit chatted away. I got a lot of good information and advice from Jenny. It was great to talk with her. Unfortunately I was REALLY bad and didn't take any pictures which is horrible because they all live out of state and don't come to Chicago too often. But, so you can see how incredibly cute Addie is with her chubby cheeks, here is a picture of Addie.

Then on Sunday we went to the Davis' for a cookout and Keira and Addison got some play time. Of course Kalen had to get in on the action too. All around it was a great weekend with lots of friends to play with. (You would never know that Keira was born 6 weeks early! Check out those chipmunk cheeks!)

We had one great night on Saturday night and an okay night last night (Sunday) to make up for the three "bad" nights (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). And a bad night consists of Addison fighting to go down and waking up in the middle of the night and not going back down. While she is usually not fussy, she's wide awake at 3am and just wants to be held when Mommy and Daddy have other plans. So, I think the last three "bad" nights Addison was going through a growth spurt. At 5 weeks, that makes sense. She's doing well taking all 3oz and we could probably up it to 4 ounces as we find ourselves, especially at night topping her off with another 1/2 to 1 additional ounce.

Jenny also gave me some good advice. Try to swaddle her with her arms in, even if she resists it. At the hospital, they did not swaddle Addison with her arms "in" the blanket because of the risk of suffocation if she were to get her arms out and pull the blanket up over her face. So, when we brought her home, we naturally swaddled her with her arms out like they did at the hospital. A few night we used the Halo Sleep Swaddler and Addison fought it tremendously, so much so I felt that I was using a straight jacket on her. I was convinced this was not for her so I returned all the Halo swaddlers I had (3 of them!) and we continued to swaddle her with her arms out using a swaddle blanket.

So taking Jenni's advice on Saturday night, we gave Addison lots of floor and tummy time right before bedtime routine. She got a bottle, then a bath (was super happy during bath time) and while getting her dressed for bed, she fell asleep on the changing time. She was certainly pooped from a long day in the city and floor time. I put the Halo on her, arms in and put her in her crib---no rocking required. This was about 9:30pm. CJ and I spent another hour or so being husband and wife (much needed!) and eventually went to bed. Addison woke up for her normal 12pm feeding but went right back to sleep. Same thing with her 3am and 6am feeding!!!! She finally got up for good around 8-9am! WOW!!! Not sure if it was the Halo Swaddler or the long day in the city but she was back to her "normal" sleeping schedule.

Last night was no different. We put her down, she watched her mobile for a bit and was lights out--ON HER OWN--no rocking required! Now, she did get up early than she normally would for her bottle, around 2am and only had an ounce. She was back up at 5am and again at 6am but I believe it was because she was off on her feeding from spending the day at the Davis'. I am certain that we are back on our routine and she will be sleeping MUCH better being swaddled ARMS IN!!

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