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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Big News

After a whole month, Addison finally latched on to my breast and nursed for 15 minutes. WOW!!!

I was offering her the boob at each feeding for the first 2 weeks or so and each time she wouldn't even come close. After awhile, you become discouraged and I gave up figuring she just didn't want to nurse. I was okay with this as I have been pumping therefore she is getting breast milk.

Last night, during BBB time (Bath, bottle, bed) I was rocking her to sleep. This is typically Daddy's job but I offered to do it this time. I fed her a bottle and had her close to my breast and she kept opening her mouth making a sucking sound. She has never done this before so I thought I would give it a try. Almost immediately she latched on, no problem at she had been nursing for weeks now. She nursed for about 15 minutes and burped right after so I am certain she was able to get some breast milk. AWESOME!!! And lights out she went......

well until I tried to put her in her crib. Nope, she wanted to be held and rocked. No problem baby, Momma continued to rock her for a good hour. She was very sleepy but wouldn't give in. Daddy came up and rocked her and within 15 minutes she was down for the count. She went down at 10:30pm, a whole hour earlier than normal. She was up around 2am and 6am for a feeding and slept thorough them, as usual until around 9am. She took at bottle and feel back asleep around 10am. Once again, can I mention how much I adore my little sleeper??

I must also mention yesterday is the day that I reduced the number of pumpings I have been doing. I normally pump around 8 times over a 24 hour period but in preparation of going back to work I decided to reduce this to 4 times a day which means my breast were fuller with milk (rock hard more like it!). Now, is this a coincidence that I reduced the number of pumpings and Addison latching on, not sure, but I will offer her the boob if she will take it (even though I didn't offer at the 3am or 9am feedings---{Daddy did the 6am feeding}). I am hoping it wasn't just a one time thing......

Love my little "Crib Potato" outfit and sleepers from Auntie Suzanne!

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