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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Home Sweet Home

On Thursday, March 17th, St. Patrick's Day, CJ, Addison and I were able to leave the hospital and boy was I happy.

Addison's Coming Home outfit! XOXO

Don't get me wrong, I appreciated all the help the nurses gave us but it was the constant in and out of the room that was disruptive and made it hard for CJ and I to just "be" with Addison. And it was heart wrenching for me to see CJ try to get some sleep on the world's most uncomfortable pull out chair. Poor guy.

We were moved from the laboring room to postpartum just 2 hours after Addison was born. Up to this point I had only had yogurt in the past 24 hours and was starving. It was about 6am and the cafeteria was still closed. I was SO exhausted and tired and just wanted to eat and go to sleep. The nurse was kind enough to bring CJ and I a turkey sandwich. We ate up and went to sleep. The nurses kindly watched Addison and did several tests while we napped.

On Tuesday mid afternoon, the plethora of people came through the door including the hearing specialist, lactation specialist, photographer, pediatricians, nurses, doctors, etc. Our room was a revolving door---the hardest part of being in a hospital. If I need you, I will call you, thanks!

We were required to stay in the hospital for at least 48 hours but because Addison was born so early in the morning, we were there for a little longer than 48 hours. Upon release, I had to be checked out by my doctor. He came in on Wednesday afternoon and said I was actually free to go although the pediatrician was keeping Addison in the hospital another day to check for jaundice. When he came in to visit, he proceeded to tell me about the birth of Addison.

Apparently, I was a very easy patient up until the delivery of Addison. I progressed how he wished me to and he was very proud of my pushing skills and couldn't believe that I delivered her in 10 minutes----GO ME! He then proceeded to tell CJ and I that Addison's cord was wrapped around her neck, no big deal according to the doctor however, he had an extremely hard time getting her shoulders out, unbeknown to me!!! But, it all made sense. When the nurse originally took Addison to clean her off and weigh her, the doctor kept asking how her shoulders and collarbone were. I thought this was just normal. Noooo, he was VERY worried that they were broken. He continued telling us that it was a difficult delivery and he was very worried but glad that everything went off smoothly.

I failed to mention that for some reason the nurses thought Addison had some bruising on her face. CJ, nor I, nor the doctor could ever see this bruising but the nurses felt it was necessary to put a sign in her bassinet. When the doctor came to talk to us, he once again brought it up and we all laughed that we couldn't see the bruising. Our baby girl was just cone shaped head, no bruising, nothing wrong......well with the exception of the jaundice. They did many tests and ultimately decided on Thursday morning we could be released.

The picture that show's Addison's "bruising" sign.

So, off we went, in the car, on our way home. And, we arrived, safe and sound.

First car seat ride

That same day, we called the pediatrician to make an appointment to see him and we were scheduled for Friday morning. On Friday morning, we took Addison in to the pediatrician's office. She was weighted and had lost 8 oz, very normal. She was still 21 inches long. The pediatrician did a full body check and thought she was yellow so he sent us to Hinsdale hospital to get another jaundice test done. Based off the results, we needed to go back in on Saturday to get another jaundice test done. The pediatrician compared the two numbers and she was once again cleared for jaundice. The pediatrician had suggested we start increasing the formula for a few feedings which helps with the yellowing and getting the bad things out of her system. And, it worked.

Saturday afternoon, Grammie arrived!!!

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